Of the Year Awards

USA Powerlifting Georgia - Of the Year Awards

These awards are presented to the recipients at the annual USA Powerlifting Georgia State Championship that is held in February. The recipient will receive a plaque with their name on it and will be featured with their picture on usaplgeorgia.com for the following year.

Volunteer of the Year

2018: Cathy Mele

2017: Amanda Carroll

2016: LaTavia Bowens

2015: Dale McLaren

2014: George Erwin

2013: Matt Buttimer

2012: Ron Fuller

2011: David Goodwin

Georgia Team Champions

2021: Team Rohr

2020: Elite Iron

2019: Elite Iron

2018: Dual Impact Training

2017: Team Rohr

2016: vacant (moved Dec to Feb)

2015: Goggins Force

2014: Goggins Force

2013: Team Rohr

2012: Team Townsend

2011: Team Rohr

Lifter of the Year

2018: Dale McLaren

2017: Becci Holcomb

2016: Nathan "Tony" Walton

2015: Alicia Webb

2014: Lara Sturm

2013: Ariel Bulmash

2012: Tina Robinson

2011: David Ricks