Matt Goldin

February 2011 - Matt Goldin

1. Please introduce yourself. Who are you? How old are you? Where are you from? What are your hobbies (other than powerlifting)? Please give the readers an idea of what it’s like to be you.

My name is Matt Goldin and I am 30 years old. I am from Tucker, GA and enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy going to Georgia football games and traveling.

2. Where are you located in Georgia and where do you train at?

I currently live in Roswell, GA and train at the LA Fitness.

3. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I am a CPA.

4. What is your occupation? See #3 answer.

5. Do you find that your occupation interferes with competing or visa versa?

It does only if you let it. The main thing that is difficult is some nights I leave work after 8 and others I can leave closer to around 5 or 6. This makes having a workout partner difficult. Over time instead of tracking down workout partners most of the exercises I do after core lifts I feel confident in not having a spot.

6. How many years have you been competing? I competed in powerlifting for 8 years beginning in high school and then took off 6 years before training for a meet I competed in last month.

7. How did you get into powerlifting? Sherman Ledford trained my brother more for football and I began coming to workout with him from time to time and eventually was approached about competing by Sherman. I was able to have success due to some great coaching and having an awesome facility to lift at with Quest.

8. What are your biggest squat, bench press, deadlift and total numbers? At 198 lbs (90kgs) – Squat – 661, Bench – 402, Deadlift - 661

9. What titles, records and achievements did you accumulate in your powerlifting career? 5 time national champion and 2 time Junior World USAPL team member placing 5th both of those competitions.

10. Can you describe your training philosophy and/or a typical training session? I like to get into the gym and spend between an hour and an hour and a half training 4 times a week. I do each major muscle group only once a week. I do not speak to many people in the gym with the intention of getting in some hard work and get out.

11. Do you compete equipped (squat suit, bench press shirt & deadlift suit) or unequipped (no suits) or both? The last meet I lifted in was raw and I will probably continue to compete with no equipment.

12. What weight class(s) and divisions(s) do you compete in? 100 kg

13. What is your favorite lift, squat or bench press or deadlift or all three? All 3 as I feel like other lifters have a week lift, while mine are all 3 pretty balanced.

14. Who is the most impressive lifter you have competed against? Barkhatov from Russia was very impressive. One thing I learned is no matter how strong you think you are there is always someone stronger.

15. Who do you think is the greatest lifter of all time? Probably Ed Coan

16. When was your last competition & how did it go? It was November 2010. It went well, but I definitely felt the rust and lifting raw was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

17. Do you have any upcoming competitions? If so, when and where? Nothing planned yet, but will plan on going to at least one meet in 2011.

18. How do you prepare for an upcoming competition? Try to clean up my diet by eating less saturated fat. A lot of it is mind preparation as well for me.

19. Describe your nutritional intake for an upcoming competition? Increase protein intake and decrease fat in my diet.

20. Is there anything you will do differently to you prepare for your next competition that is different from your last one? I plan on getting a little more lean before the next meet so I feel better. I would like to come in weighing about 210 lbs. instead of closer to 220. I also need to train my squat a little longer. I felt good during the meet, but think my adductors and abductors would feel a little more stable with a longer training regimen.

21. How many meets do you compete in each year? 1 in the last 7 years.

22. Who is your greatest competitor/rival? I don’t have one as I have been out of competition for so long.

23. What is your greatest memory from competing? I would have to say the College National Championships and Junior Worlds in 2003 and 2004.

24. What advice & tips would you give to a powerlifter that is just beginning? If you are just beginning, what advice have you received from other lifters or coaches? Work hard in the gym and keep setting attainable goals. Powerlifting is a lot of mental preparation and it takes a strong mind. Learn to train your mind as well as your body. You want to go into a meet knowing that you have trained smart and harder than anyone in that competition and no weight is too much.

25. How has powerlifting changed your life? Adversity is something we all have to face and discipline is something we all strive for. I think dealing with the challenges of life is something that is easier when you compete in powerlifting. You have to be discipline and each competition you are faced with a form of adversity whether it be missing your opening squat…..not feeling 100% or whatever.

26. Do you stay in touch with lifters you compete against? I have made lifelong friends through Powerlifting…so yes.

27. Why did you decide to compete? Sherman Ledford open my eyes to the advantages Powerlifting would give me in high school football. At that point I realized I was genetically gifted and continued to compete even after my football days.

28. What is your #1 or most prestigious meet you ever competed at in your career? Junior Worlds in 2003 I believe in Sotchi, Russia. The best of the best were there and it was very humbling.

29. Do you compete in any other strength sports such as Olympic lifting, strongman, highland games, etc? No, other than running an occasional 5k or 10k and no that is not good for your squat.

30. What is your favorite memory from any powerlifting competition or event? I have enjoyed all of my meets in one way or another. I think my first USAPL high school national championship was a lot of fun. I went 8 for 9 I think with a 595 squat and 595 deadlift at 17 or so years old.

31. Anyone you would like thank for helping you along the way in your Powerlifting career? Sherman – You’re the best man. You made getting better easy and you have been a great mentor.

32. Anything else you would like to add? Thanks for the interview Josh.

Thank you for your time and best of luck in your upcoming powerlifting endeavors!

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