Georgia State Powerlifting Records

(All state records are in Pounds)

Men's Raw                         Women's Raw

Men's Equipped                  Women's Equipped

Keeping up with state records is very difficult, so please help us out. If you break a state record, please fill out the STATE RECORD CLAIM FORM. Thank you!

State Records: 

Q: Who keeps and posts state records?
A: Georgia State records are maintained by John Mason.  After he receives the completed online state record claim form, the records will be verified, then updated. 

Q: What are the requirements to set a state record?
A: Any current USAPL member can set a state record for the state that he/she has listed as their state of residence on their current USAPL card. Other requirements include filling out the state record claim form and submitting it. If a Georgia resident sets/breaks a Georgia record outside of Georgia, please have the meet director e-mail a copy of the results to Josh Rohr for verification purposes.

Q: How can I contact my state chair for more information regarding state records?
A: Visit the "Contact Us" Section for the contact info of the State Chair and State Record Keeper.

Archived State Records (Retired 12/31/14):