Become a State Referee

Please read below if you are USA Powerlifting member in Georgia that would like to take your state referee test and you meet the following criteria:

  • 1 or more years of USA Powerlifting experience

  • Current USA Powerlifting Member in good standing

  • Volunteer at 1 or more USA Powerlifting events in Georgia per year.

There are two portions of the referee test. One part is the written portion, which is open book and the other is the practical that will be done at a USA Powerlifting Sanctioned Event with a National Level Referee.

You can find the Rulebook here. Other important information on the USA Powerlifting website under Rules and Bylaws.

If you would like to test for your state referee credentials, please submit the State Referee Application Form to express your interest. You will be contacted by a USAPL Georgia official.