Lifter Video Intro's

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Lifter Intro Video's to be played before each session.

Lifters, I am asking each lifter to submit a video introducing themselves. This will be played before the start of your session in the competition ballroom as well as on the live webcast. I am asking for 100% participation.


  • Video not to exceed 10 seconds in length
  • Should include the following:
    1. Your Name
    2. The city/state you are from
    3. Other details, Slogan or shout out of your choice (no profanity)
  • Please speak loud and clear
  • Video from a smart phone is acceptable (example below is from a droid)
  • E-mail your video to:
    • Subject: "(Your Name) Lifter Intro"
    • Please also save the video file as "(Your Name) Lifter Intro"

This is a a basic example of how it should be but personalize it and make it your own: